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Why is custom In-Home pet care the right option for you and your pet?

First and foremost is your pets safety and comfort.

Whats more important than making sure your loved ones are comfortable and secure? At Family Pet Sitting we come to you and your pets home where they are comfortable, safe, and most of all in an environment they trust. High volume boarding facilities can often cause a pet to go through unnecessary stress and pose a risk of injury. Animals at boarding facilities are kept in uncomfortable cages for long hours and receive little to no special attention that they are accustomed to.

Family Pet Sitting is a professional, licensed and insured company. We have broadened property coverage for your protection and we are dedicated to serving our clients to the highest standards. Unlike relying on family, friends, or a next door neighbor we are able to make every visit on time and to your liking. We are comfortable administering medication and are experienced with many different breeds, sizes, and species of animal.

At Family Pet Sitting  each visit can be custom made to best serve our clients needs. Family Pet Sitting clients choose how we spend time with your animals.  Do you prefer a 20 minute walk for your dog? Light grooming for your cats? Quality time with your pets? simply inform us what service you desire and we will take care of the rest.

Dog Walks:  Our Dog Walking service is the perfect option to keep your Dog happy, healthy and well exercised each and every day. It is so important for dogs to be exercised daily in order for them to live a satisfied and well balanced life.  At Family Pet Sitting each Dog Walking session lasts 30 minutes and is tailored to your dogs needs. We can provide leashes if necessary and always bring a portable water bowl with fresh water for each visit. We bring our own dog waste bags to keep your neighborhood or local park clean and waste free. 



Our standard In-home visit:  Each visit is custom made to fit your pets needs. Each visit will include but is not limited to: Outside potty breaks for dogs, liter box clean up for cats, clean and fresh water bowls, daily feeding, and health and well-being monitoring for all animals. Family Pet Sitting's unmatched attention towards your beloved animals includes: loving interaction, treats, toys* and for additional comfort a soothing and uplifting conversation with each pet in our care.



Our Drop-in service:  Perfect for quick  potty breaks, well being check-ins or administering medication when you cant be there. These visits are budget friendly and are flexible to fit your schedule and your pets. Busy with work? Full day of errands? Away from home for too long? Try our Drop-in visit and you'll rest assured that your animals are getting what they need when they need it.

In addition to health issues, an under-exercised dog is more likely to develop behavioral problems, and is less responsive to training. A happy, healthy, well-exercised dog is eager to please and always ready to listen.
                Cesar Millan

Additional Services:  Extended walks, extended play time, administration of oral, topical, and injectable medication, whole home walk-through for potty and vomit accidents, daily mail and news paper pick-up, trash and recycle bin service, opening and closing of windows and doors, house plant and garden care, turning on lights at night for added security, and security check-ins to make sure your home is trouble free.




 30 minutes for 1 Dog




 additional dog is $10



For 1-2 animals


For quick check-ins and potty breaks



For 1-2 animals


Additional animal $5 per cat $10 per dog



For 1-2 animals


Additional animal $5 per cat $10 per dog





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For 1-2 animals




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